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Drop the Resolutions and Live With Intention

If you're one to make resolutions or may not do that at all, try something new by setting an "intention".

But what's the difference between an intention and a resolution?

By definition, not a lot - they can both mean the desire to do or not do something. But when you dig deeper, you see that these two are actually very different.

Resolutions, in the way that many people use them, are short-lived. Resolutions are vague. Resolutions don’t last.

Intentions, on the other hand, set the basis for the rest of our decisions. They create a framework that allows us to live with a specific purpose. They are words or ideas that can keep us focused on what is important and allow us to continue growing.

Each year, instead of a resolution, choose an intention word to help focus the rest of year upon. Remember: Intentions are not goals.

Create a word or a short phrase that sums up your intentions.

The past couple of years, my words were balance, fearless and movement. These words became my mantra for the year and has given me purpose in my life and with every thing I do.

Once you decide, do something today to help you demonstrate your commitment to your intention.

Happy New Year! Be blessed with happiness, love, peace, and good intention!

All the best,


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