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Hi, I'm Pam! I help women understand perimenopause and regain control of their lives so they can feel their best – vibrant, energized, and empowered.


I am a board-certified licensed nutritionist and certified personal trainer. Since 2004, I've been helping women have a new outlook on their relationship with food and fitness, especially during perimenopause. I help women make sustainable changes to reclaim their confidence, vitality, and energy.


No idea why you feel tired or forgetful? Are you suffering from hot flashes, crazy cravings, belly bloat, and weight gain? I know. I'm right there with you– right smack in the middle of perimenopause.

Wellness is more than just
getting in shape and eating well

I strive to make profound changes in the health and wellness of women 40+. 


I offer support through education, and personal one-on-one consults to help women learn how to lose excess weight through a whole-person approach that we design together, to help you reach a healthy, balanced body and mind. 


I'm here to guide you through shifts in nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and mindset to help support your hormones and optimize your health.


Think of me as your personal accountability partner who will help increase your ability to reach your goals. We also will work one-on-one to continue to refine your lifestyle as your body and hormones adjust. 


So, whether you have been struggling with perimenopause symptoms for a while or these are all very new, I am here to educate motivated women like you on the small steps to help you be the best version of yourself.

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Stressed Woman

Is perimenopause pausing your life?

My Approach

Integrative + Functional Nutrition = Individualized Care



The integrative approach to perimenopause and menopause is to entirely focus on a whole-person approach, evaluating what may be out of balance and providing individualized solutions to empower women to understand how to restore balance and take charge of their health & wellness. Every woman's experience is uniquely hers, so we partner together to design a personalized plan through nutritional shifts, exercise (strength training, cardio), mind-body practices, mindset, and lifestyle changes.

Functional Nutrition

The heart of my practice is client-centered rather than condition/symptom-centered. I address the root cause of nutritional imbalances and focus on preventative care. I assess with a systems-oriented approach concentrated on hormone balance, gut health, and metabolism as they relate to diet and nutrition.

Individualized Care

Combined with an integrative and functional nutrition approach, I'm dedicated to providing supportive, compassionate, individualized care based on your needs and hormone health.

Colorful Lights

It's a Menopause Thing

But it doesn’t have to be…



Pamela has provided me with guidance and direction that has completely changed my life. She recognizes the appropriate and beneficial skills that I need to accomplish my fitness and nutrition goals. These goals have fluctuated drastically over the years, especially during times of injury. Every time, without fail, she solves complex problems and adapts. She has had a tremendous impact on my health. I owe my full recovery to her.


I struggle with more than one chronic illness and my diet is a huge part of managing them. I was completely overwhelmed with a medically required elimination diet but Pam's knowledge and expertise made a daunting task feel much easier. I feel physically better, have more energy, and even leveled out my moods all thanks to Pam's guidance. I've also lost 25+ lbs in the process! Even though the elimination part of my diet is over, I have decided to continue with Pam and the Synergy program as a part of a new, healthier lifestyle!


[What I learned along the way is] learning about synergy - the way foods work together. Trying new foods and getting my husband to do so as well. Seeing results in weight loss, medicine reduction, and stamina. Finding that I am strong and can meet all the challenges we face in life without using food as a drug. I was severely overweight or obese and mostly sedentary. I ate emotionally and without regard to my health. [Overall], I feel proud of what Pam and I have accomplished.

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