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Is perimenopause pausing your life?

Perimenopause: A Transitional Period

Perimenopause is a natural but difficult transition for most women. There are many symptoms women can experience, such as:

  • Weight Gain

  • Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

  • Digestion Problems

  • Mood Swings

  • Muscle/Joint Pain

  • Fatigue

  • Loss of Confidence


Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Some women experience these at all times, while others only have them intermittently. We can all agree that they are downright uncomfortable, overwhelming, and debilitating, no matter how frequently they occur.

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Don’t let perimenopause pause your life. With everyday demands pulling you in multiple directions, you are still a woman on fire. It’s your time to THRIVE.

The Synergistic Approach

Are you convinced that there's only one way to get through perimenopause?  

Has "hot" taken on a whole new meaning for you?

Feeling tired is enough to make you tired, right?

Break the taboo surrounding peri/menopause with tailored synergistic solutions. Take control of your transitional journey and redefine a new you.


Today’s culture is constantly bombarding us with the latest fads and quick-fix gimmicks, but you won't find those here. This isn't a one size fits all system, and it’s my specialty to work on food and fitness synergistically. Discover how you can improve your sleep, reduce hot flashes, and recover your energy.

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It's a Menopause Thing

But it doesn’t have to be…



Pamela has provided me with guidance and direction that has completely changed my life. She recognizes the appropriate and beneficial skills that I need to accomplish my fitness and nutrition goals. These goals have fluctuated drastically over the years, especially during times of injury. Every time, without fail, she solves complex problems and adapts. She has had a tremendous impact on my health. I owe my full recovery to her.


I struggle with more than one chronic illness and my diet is a huge part of managing them. I was completely overwhelmed with a medically required elimination diet but Pam's knowledge and expertise made a daunting task feel much easier. I feel physically better, have more energy, and even leveled out my moods all thanks to Pam's guidance. I've also lost 25+ lbs in the process! Even though the elimination part of my diet is over, I have decided to continue with Pam and the Synergy program as a part of a new, healthier lifestyle!


[What I learned along the way is] learning about synergy - the way foods work together. Trying new foods and getting my husband to do so as well. Seeing results in weight loss, medicine reduction, and stamina. Finding that I am strong and can meet all the challenges we face in life without using food as a drug. I was severely overweight or obese and mostly sedentary. I ate emotionally and without regard to my health. [Overall], I feel proud of what Pam and I have accomplished.

What I Offer

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Stop Struggling With Perimenopause

Ready for a Change?

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