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Perimenopause Power Up Waitlist​​​

I'm so excited you're joining the waitlist
for my Perimenopause Power Up Program!

The Perimenopause Power Up program is an exclusive online program tailored for women over 40 and designed to enhance your fitness journey through perimenopause and beyond.

This online fitness program for you and your girlfriends includes:

  • Personalized Health & Fitness Assessment: We kick things off with a comprehensive review of your health and fitness goals. Let's map out your journey to becoming the best version of yourself

  • Customized 6-Week Fitness Plan: Together, we'll design a personalized plan specifically for your needs and aspirations during this exciting phase of life.

  • Tailored Workouts for Midlife: Safely and confidently engage in exercises designed specifically for your body during perimenopause—no more one-size-fits-all workouts from your 20s!

  • Synergy Fitness App: Access on-demand workouts so you can stay active wherever and whenever it suits you at home or the gym.

  • Weekly online small group fitness session to support your perimenopausal hormones. Get results by doing what's best for your body, and have fun with your friends.

  • Nutrition Support and Guidance: We’ll explore the what, why, and how of nutrition in relation to training and fat loss during the menopausal transition. With our guidance, you'll start making subtle yet powerful changes in your diet that will leave you feeling stronger, fitter, and more energized than ever before.

  • Inspirational Motivation: Get the boost we all need to stay accountable and inspired throughout your fitness journey.

  • Ongoing Online Support: Have questions? I'm here for you with ongoing online support to address your queries and provide motivation.

  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins: We help each other STAY on track with weekly check-ins, celebrating non-scale victories, and ensuring you're making progress and feeling your best.

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By joining the waitlist, you'll be the first to know more details about the next time the program opens for signups.

You will also get access to early bird pricing!

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