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"In my effort to lose weight, I’ve been fortunate to establish a group of professionals who facilitate a holistic approach to that undertaking. Pam has been an integral part of that process, not only by supporting me in the nutritional component but also by referring me to other professionals who have also helped me achieve success in my weight loss effort. What I appreciate most about Pam is how completely authentic and compassionate she is in her work.


Fitness and diet culture are constantly bombarding us with the latest fads and quick-fix gimmicks but there’s none of that working with Pam. Her approach is 100% meet-you-where-you’re-at, logical, sustainable, and science/data-driven. She’s not trying to sell you anything proprietary so any specific recommendations she makes are completely independent and unbiased. Over the year and a half we’ve been working together she’s been great about adjusting our protocols and check-ins based on the progress I’ve made and where my concerns or priorities are at any point in time. Moreover, she’s just plain lovely to work with; warm, kind, and never ever judgmental. It’s so much easier to have candid conversations about what can be a tough subject when you feel like you’re sitting on the couch with a dear friend. If your goal is to make realistic and sustainable changes so that your nutrition supports your needs, I could not recommend Pam highly enough."


"I struggle with more than one chronic illness and my diet is a huge part of managing them. I was completely overwhelmed with a medically required elimination diet but Pam's knowledge and expertise made a daunting task feel much easier. Quick response times, helpful advice, and supplement support helped me identify my dietary triggers and make significant changes. I feel physically better, have more energy, and even leveled out my moods all thanks to Pam's guidance. I've also lost 25+ lbs in the process! Even though the elimination part of my diet is over, I have decided to continue with Pam and the Synergy program as a part of a new, healthier lifestyle!"


"Life for me before starting this program was eating anything I wanted without understanding how much I should consume. I didn't make healthy choices nor did I do any type of exercising. This prompted elevation in my glucose levels and my BMI was above where I should've been. Working with Pamela has changed my life by teaching me how to make healthier choices, portioning out my foods, understanding how fitness should be part of your day towards a healthier you. So far, in 6 weeks, I have lost 20 pounds. 20 pounds lighter and my body is becoming more defined. Clothes fit much better and I have shed 2 sizes. I no longer struggle with shortness of breath when I'm walking fast to get to my next meeting at work. I am running/jogging without getting tired before 2 minutes. I am tasting and eating foods that I never would've chosen to eat. Healthier choice foods still taste good and are filling."


"I had several operations to correct joint problems. I had gained weight in retirement. Pamela makes me feel comfortable about exercising and establishing a routine. Being an “older” client of Pam has been very rewarding for my quality of life. She encourages a “can do” attitude. The first big change is committing to having a healthy exercise routine.  Because of this, my movements are more effortless so much so that I have participated in a 5K race twice!  And that’s with two knee replacements, major surgery on both shoulders, and a major ankle repair.  After working very hard, and getting my mind in the right place, I have been able to incorporate healthy eating habits along with regular workouts and have lost nearly 60 pounds in the past 8 months.

Cris H.

"I tend to think of myself as having a good understanding of nutrition and the importance of it for wellbeing. What Pamela has educated me with, how to eat the right foods to achieve my goals. It’s an ongoing process and I am enjoying it. I will be turning sixty this year and I feel great...I have changed my body through weights and the right nutrition.


"[What I learned along the way is] learning about synergy - the way foods work together. Trying new foods and getting my husband to do so as well. Seeing results in weight loss, medicine reduction, and stamina. Finding that I am strong and can meet all the challenges we face in life without using food as a drug. I was severely overweight or obese and mostly sedentary. I ate emotionally and without regard to my health. [Overall], I feel proud of what Pam and I have accomplished."  


"Pam Adams is an amazing and caring person. She far surpasses the basic job description. Pam’s knowledge of the fitness industry is unrivaled. She is one of the first people I turn to with questions and advice. Pam’s expertise and sunny disposition make her stand out from the crowd. She is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. I would recommend her to anyone seeking supportive nutritional guidance and a great training experience in a heartbeat. Pam will inspire you to reach your full potential. I would not be where I am today if it were not for Pam Adams.  I am blessed to have her in my life.

Cris B.

"Thank you, Pam, for your guidance, expertise, support, and compassion these last 6 months supporting me with a personalized nutrition and training program. I’ve had an amazing experience/journey training for my first amateur fitness competition. You guided me physically and mentally through this whole process, encouraging me all the way, and I was well taken care of on both levels. You also set an excellent example of how to manage a healthy lifestyle to reach my goals along with balancing training, family, and work."

J. S.

"Pamela has been wonderful to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable and was tremendous support in my journey towards a more healthy lifestyle. Before nutrition counseling, my diet was very poor. I was always tired, had a great deal of abdominal distress, and was gaining weight. Pam will work with you from where you are now instead of asking you to change your diet and exercise habits all at once. Let her know what you are having trouble with and she will give you choices that you can live with to overcome them [challenges]. I have realized that I actually enjoy eating healthy foods and in doing so my abdominal distress has disappeared. I am also ecstatic to have lost some weight."


"Pamela has provided me with guidance and direction that has completely changed my life. She recognizes the appropriate and beneficial skills that I need to accomplish my fitness and nutrition goals. These goals have fluctuated drastically over the years, especially during times of injury. Every time, without fail, she solves complex problems and adapts. She has had a tremendous impact on my health. I owe my full recovery to her."

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